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Throughout the 20th century the silk industry in Sudbury not only survived but thrived and it continues today carrying on this proud and long tradition.

Producing fabrics of the finest quality, they have been used for the wedding dresses of Princess Anne and Princess Diana, lining the Queen’s coronation robes, creating a gown for Michelle Obama and the list of prestigious projects continues to grow.

Sudbury Silk Stories is bringing heritage to life to demonstrate just how silk is shaping Sudbury today. The project began in January 2019 and is allowing people a glimpse inside the world of Sudbury silk. The project team talked to current and former staff, young and old to record their stories. Exploring the history and changes that have taken place in the industry to ensuring it continues to hold its position creating some of the finest silk produced in Europe, sought after by royal palaces, top fashion houses and luxury hotels.

With generous support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund the project brings together film, oral history and an education resource pack to promoting awareness amongst local people and visitors to Sudbury of the fantastic work taking place on the town’s doorstep.

Supported by two local schools, the four silk companies of Sudbury and their locally employed staff; Sudbury Silk Stories has worked with local people and organisations to gather stories and anecdotes, clips of which have been used to create a short film and the full interviews, filmed, recorded and written available on this website.

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