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We were not able to include the one about…..

……the young trainee weaver who after a long week in work stayed back with her new work colleagues to share a few drinks, only to find that what they had planned was a game of spin the bottle.  Afraid of being caught out and having to remove an item of clothing as a forfeit, this young weaver went into the works cloakroom and piled on as many items of clothing as she could find as a precaution.

….. the young man who turned up to work a bit hungover and to sleep if off he was put on a bench placed beneath one of the looms, covered in newspaper to keep him warm and left to sleep it off until tea break when he was woken with a cup of tea and he went back to work.

…..the boss who did not like to hear his mill staff singing while they worked and on the occasion that one of them got a telling off from him, as an act of solidarity they would all join together in song afterwards.  As they all sang together and continued to do their work, there was nothing he could do to stop them.  So he would walk up and down amongst the looms, his hands clasped tightly behind his back scowling at each of them in turn.  They sang on undeterred.

…. the story about the mill cycle shed and the dug out being used for courting by mill staff who would return to the mill after work to take advantage of the shelter and seclusion.  One young man with his girlfriend was rather surprised one night to find a policeman and his dog pay a visit.  A local had reported seeing car lights up at the mill after hours and the policeman came to investigate.  Luckily the young man was able to speak to the policeman but avoided scandal by keeping the young lady hidden out of sight.

….the young lady who was called into the Forelady’s office to be told a local company with only male staff was planning a day trip and had asked the mill to provide three nice young ladies to accompany the men for the day.  The young lady was asked to go on the trip, taking with her two other young women from the mill floor.  The three friends had a lovely day out with the men all smartly dressed in their demob suits.  One man in particular caught the eye of the young lady because he had chosen a fine quality blue wool suit instead of the usual pinstripe.  Two years later they were married.

….the colourist who was asked by a designer to go into Woolworths in Sudbury in the afternoon to take a look at some new coloured shelves recently fitted.  He was instructed to go to a particular area of the store at a particular time of day to observe the colour created by the sunlight as it hit the edges of the shelves.  This was the exact shade the designer wanted recreated to colour some silk.

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