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Week 1: 14 January 2019

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Photo by About my Area

Day one in Sudbury and the sun is shining.  Using the library for my first meeting and I’m a bit early so I had a great chat with the Tourist Information staff about the silk history of Sudbury while I waited.  Found a nice quiet table upstairs and spent a delightful hour with Cllr. John Sayers finding out about his life in Gainsborough Weaving Mill, he even showed me the boxwood shuttles he inherited from his father and used himself as a weaver.  Four meetings today and everyone is really helpful and positive about the project.  A good start.

An early start today, catching up with the market traders telling them about the film and asking them to talk to their regular customers about the project.  Everyone was really enthusiastic about the town and happy to help to get the word out to look out for posters going up in the next few weeks.  I didn’t get time for a bacon sandwich but one of the traders did give me some lovely dried mango to keep me going.

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