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Week 16: 29 April 2019

Started the week with a fascinating conversation with a colourist who’s job was to create recipes for colours described to him by designers working in the local mills, turning words into beautiful shades of the rainbow with often the most tenuous of steers, ‘a colour the shade of an elephants hot breath in freezing morning air’ was one request. 

I followed this with another day spent in a mill talking to their staff gathering stories and experiences about their work.  Another completely diverse group of people but all linked by their love for their work, the man who’s two passions in life are football and weaving, the woman who remembers the sounds, smells and colours of her first visit to a mill with her mother when she was a toddler who has now been weaving for nearly 30 years and has seen her work hung on the walls of Buckingham Palace.

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