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Week 18: 13 May 2019

Glorious sunshine and day one of filming this week. While Offshoot set up the equipment I sit outside in the sun to make a few last minute phone calls. Then the pupils from Thomas Gainsborough School arrive and the interviews begin with the pupils asking the questions and Humphries staff giving them their first glimpse into this fascinating industry.  Then filming day two with a different group from Thomas Gainsborough School and onto Stephen Walters.  The pupils got to quiz people in a range of roles but all sharing a real passion for their work.  Friday was filming day three and Ormiston Academy Sudbury brought 3 pupils to Gainsborough Silks to interview a mix of retired and current staff all happy to talk about their work.  What a treat!

Humphries shot with Richard Humphries and Thomas Gainsborough School pupils

Gainsborough Silk Weaving shot with Ormiston Academy Sudbury pupils

Stephen Walters shot with Thomas Gainsborough School pupils

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