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Week 19: 20 May 2019

Started the week with a project steering group meeting kindly hosted by Gainsborough’s House. The traffic was lousy so no time to buy the biscuits I promised (though I think I was the one most disappointed).  It was a chance to bring everyone up to date and realise how much we have achieved and how brilliantly supportive the silk companies have been in allowing access to their premises and staff.  Then on to Vanners Silks for the final session of filmed staff interviews with Ormiston Academy Sudbury pupils asking the questions and another delightful bunch of people happy to share their love of their work and a few cheeky stories.  I also got a tiny sneak preview of some of Offshoot Foundations footage from the sessions and tucked in a quick meeting with Ruth from the Sudbury Silk Festival to catch up on plans.  All very exciting.

Ormiston Academy Sudbury pupils conducting filmed interviews at Vanners Silks

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