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Week 20: 27 May 2019

We filmed our last two interviews for the project this week, meeting all the silk mill staff who care so much about their work and the fantastic fabrics they produce has been such a treat over the course of this project that I am sorry this part is over…. And the challenge for Offshoot Foundation begins as they review the many hours of footage and start to create the Sudbury Silk Stories film.  

But with the recorded interviews yet to be completed there are still more stories to unearth and capture - through the memory box in the library I made contact with a lady of 92 years of age this week.  She remembers being taken to the mill by her grandmother to meet her mum and aunt from work and as the mill doors opened to let the staff out  the air was filled with pieces of coloured silk threads blowing through the gap.  Her aunt would gather them up during the day to make a soft coloured ball and bring it home for her to play with as small child.

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