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Week 21: 3 June 2019

The film editing process starts in earnest this week with the first group of school pupils from Ormiston Academy Sudbury going along to the Media Suite at  Thomas Gainsborough School to meet Offshoot Foundation to begin editing their filmed interviews.  The pupils learn first hand about the time and concentration needed for the process.  This week I paid a visit to another contact that came through the memory box in the library and met a man who left school at 14 years old to start work as a Loom Boy .  On his first day he was paired up with a Tackler, a Suffolk name for what in the North of England would be called a Loom Tuner!  He told me how it was the job of the new boy to take the mills ‘trade bike’ up the hill each morning to collect a pail of milk from the mill owners own cow, because he was too frugal to buy it from a neighbouring shop.  He was very glad when another new boy started and took over this loathed daily task.

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