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Week 27: 15 July 2019

Stephen Parker, Gainsborough Silks and Alison Younger, Stephen Walters visit Thomas Gainsborough School to discuss their work.

I start the week with a visit to an 88 year old man who worked for many years at Vanners, taking the recording equipment to capture our conversation. He is my first recorded interview and it goes really well, a lovely, relaxed chat followed by a cup of tea. Then on Wednesday, the oral history session at Thomas Gainsborough School. Two silk mill staff, one current weaver and one retired, spend an hour with ten pupils answering questions and a chance for the pupils to practice their interview techniques and learn more about the fantastic materials produced in their home town. Having done my first recording this week I know how difficult it is so I am really impressed with the way the pupils handle the challenge and good to have the chance to chat about it together afterwards. What a treat!

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